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Webinar: The Role of the Forest Industry for a Fossil-Free Society – How can German-Swedish Collaborations Contribute?

Sweden has high ambitions to become fossil-free within 20 years. In this webinar we will discuss how the forest industry, together with German-Swedish cooperations, can contribute to combat climate change.

The Swedish forest industry has sustainable solutions to society's major challenges and plays an important role for reaching the goal of a fossil-free society. Already today, forest products, in form of wood, paper and pulp, are one of Sweden's most important export industries and increasingly relevant also for biofuels and new sustainable materials. The development of renewable raw materials is progressing rapidly.

  • How far has the technology come?
  • How can Germany and Sweden collaborate more on the forest raw material for a fossil-free society?
  • Will the Swedish forests provide enough to meet the needs?
  • Can Sweden continue to export the greater part of its raw material?
  • Is there enough funding to make the necessary investments?
  • How do we increase the demand for sustainable products that can secure investments?

Henrik Brodin, Strategic Business Development Manager, Swedish forestry company Södra
Roger Josefsson, Head of Sustainability, Danske Bank
René Backes, Busines Development Specialist Renewables, BASF Nordic

The discussion will be held in English and moderated by Valle Wigers from the German-Swedish Chamber of Commerce.

You will be able to ask questions during the webinar and the participation is free of charge for member companies.

Welcome to join us in this important discussion! Register here.


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