International Production Environmental Community 2021

The International Production Environmantal Community continues the (previous) European exchange of ideas and best practices at the Integrated Plant Engineering Conferences (IPEC), which has been held annually in Nuremberg since 2013. The German-Swedish Chamber of Commerce is partner of this event.

With reference to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (e.g. 9, 12, 13), the digital conference will intensify the European dialogue with partner countries such as Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, the Netherlands, Norway, Slovakia, Sweden, UK in order to contribute to a more competitive and sustainable industry through digitalized solutions.

The German-Swedish Chamber of Commerce is happy to see its member Ekkono participating as a keynote speaker at the conference.

IPEC 2021 aims to promote networking and knowledge exchange between companies from Bavaria and international companies, start-ups and research institutions.

Participation is free of charge and will be broadcasted to you via GoToWebinar

Main topics at the IPEC 2021 are:

- Circular Economy & Recycling Technologies

- Digital & Sustainable Business Models

- Artificial Intelligence & Blockchain

- Automation & Robotics

- Sustainable Logistics




This event is part of the German Swedish Tech Forum, the bilateral innovation platform driven by the German-Swedish Chamber of Commerce and IVA. Read more about the platform. 


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