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SET Week Online 2020

Das SET Tech Festival und die Austeilung des Start Up Energy Transition (SET) Award konnten in diesem Jahr aufgrund der Coronapandemie nicht stattfinden. Stattdessen arrangiert die dena jetzt ein digitales Event: SET Week Online. Die Deutsch-Schwedische Handelskammer arrangiert gemeinsam mit der schwedischen Energiebehörde einen virtuellen Showroom und präsentiert die Swedish-German Cleantech Platform. Diese Unternehmen sind dabei:

Enjay is a Swedish cleantech company, specialized in energy efficiency. The company´s first solution, Lepido, is the first in the world to offer profitable energy recycling from restaurant ventilation. The innovation enables reducing the annual emissions of CO2 by 500 million metric tons, one entire percent of the projected world-wide CO2 emissions by 2050.

Enjay has also commenced efforts to identify and streamline other areas where the same principle can be applied. The company’s overall mission is to put an end to wasting energy, because the cleanest form of energy is the one never produced.

Contact: Jesper Wirén

The Meltron Road & Street Lighting System-MRSLS, provides superior lighting quality for road and street lighting on a global scale, by utilizing extremely precise and unique patented nano- structural Diffractive Optics (DO). The light is also designed for integration of surveillance camera and sensors to comply with any Smart City System.

The MRSLS provides ultimate safety to commuters and pedestrians on roadways. Strong, lightweight design, and advanced optics provide bright, uniform, and efficient lighting.

Contact: Björn Naumburg

Swedish Exergy is the global leader in superheated steam drying applications and design.

The world-leading Superheated Steam Dryer uses superheated steam as media for drying quickly and efficiently. Swedish Exergy is able to recover 80-95 percent of the energy that’s put into the dryer and reduce the CO2 emissions by about 90 percent compared to other drying technologies.

The company has a global presence and has delivered a project all around the world. They also have a pilot plant where customers and perform pilot testing.
Some of the most common applications are drying municipal/industrial sludge, biomass, animal feed, and waste to energy applications.

Contact: Christoffer Glavander

Smart-Recycling’s mission is to make transports of waste more efficient and to modernize waste management. No more overfilled containers and no more half-empty containers when you arrive to pick up waste. Our sensors tell you exactly how full the containers are, and our unique AI algorithm makes an exact prognosis of when each container needs to be emptied, based on how frequently it is used. When you empty by actual need, not by schedule, our customers have seen the need for transportation drop by up to 50 percent saving both fuel, vehicle wear, working hours, and CO2 emissions. 

Contact: Peter Nilsson


Am letzten Tag der SET Week wird auch der SET Award verliehen. In diesem Jahr gehört Enjay, Mitglied der Swedish-German Cleantech Platform, zu den Finalisten. Wir drücken die Daumen!




Diese  Veranstaltung findet im Rahmen des German Swedish Tech Forum statt, einem gemeinsamen Projekt der Deutsch-Schwedischen Handelskammer und der Königlich Schwedischen Akademie der Ingenieurwissenschaften (IVA). Lesen Sie hier mehr über das Forum.


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