Johan Svenningsson, Uniper, Annika Winsth, Nordea, Dr. Holger Bingmann, BGA, Staffan Bohman, Tysk-Svenska Handelskammaren

Johan Svenningsson, Annika Winsth, Dr. Holger Bingmann, Staffan Bohman.

Die Deutsch-Schwedische Handelskammer in Almedalen

Protectionism, Brexit and a looming recession: Is the German economy future-proof and what can Sweden learn from the world’s third largest exporter?

Business is booming, but how long can it last? Protectionist tendencies in many countries plus brexit are pressuring the export industry. Europe's competitive capacity is not as strong as it used to be and a downswing of the economy is around the corner. Is the German economy resistent to these tendencies and in case it is not, how would Sweden be affected? What can Sweden learn from the world's third largest export country?

We have invited Dr. Holger Bingmann, President of BGA – The German exporters' association representing 125 000 companies with export to 233 countries – to give us his views on the threats and opportunities that German exporting companies are facing. Dr. Bingmann also is Managing Director of the media and logistics company Melo Group. He often appears in German media and recently commented the German economy in The Local: "Protectionist threats cloud German industry’s sunny outlook."

After his keynote, Swedish representatives of economy and export companies will join Dr. Holger Bingmann to talk about what industry and politicians should do to not stay behind and lose competitiveness. Participants of the panel discussion are: Annika Winsth, Chief Economist at Nordea, Johan Svenningsson, CEO of Uniper Sweden, and Staffan Bohman, Chairman of Electrolux and Höganäs as well as President of the German-Swedish Chamber of Commerce.

The seminar and the discussion will be held in English and moderated by Ulf Wickbom, Economic Journalist.


Mit uns in Almdalen sind SAP, Siemens, Uniper, Volkswagen, Hannover Messe und die Deutsche Botschaft. Der Montag wird mit einem deutsch-schwedischen Get-Together für geladene Gäste abgerundet. Hierfür ist eine gesonderte Einladung und Anmeldung notwendig. Sie möchten teilnehmen, haben aber haben keine Einladung bekommen? Kontaktieren Sie Sophia Loader.


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