Tysk-Svenska Handelskammaren på Hannovermesse 2019

13 innovative schwedische Unternehmen auf der Hannover Messe


Zum fünften Mal in Folge organisiert die schwedische Energiebehörde zusammen mit der Deutsch-Schwedischen Handelskammer einen schwedischen Energiepavillon für kleine und mittlere Unternehmen auf der Hannover Messe vom 12.-16. April 2021. Ursprünglich hatte die Messe im Sommer 2020 stattfinden sollen, wurde aber aufgrund des Coronaviruses auf das Frühjahr 2021 verschoben. 13 schwedische Cleantechunternehmen sind mit an Bord.

Die Hannover Messe ist mit 215.000 Besuchern und über 5.000 Ausstellern aus 98 Ländern die weltweit größte Industriemesse und damit eine einmalige Arena für Unternehmen, sich zu präsentieren sowie neue deutsche und internationale Geschäftskontakte zu knüpfen.

Die dreizehn schwedischen Cleantech-Unternehmen werden in Halle 27,  Stand H55, gemeinsam ausstellen.  Diese Halle widmet sich „integrated energy systems and solutions“ und präsentiert innovative Lösungen aus den Bereichen Elektromobilität, Ladeinfrastruktur, Energiespeicherung und Brennstoffzellen.

Bereits in diesem Sommer nehmen die 13 Unternehmen auch an der virtuellen Hannover Messe 2020 teil. Melden Sie sich daher gern bereits jetzt, wenn Sie an einem Kontakt zu unseren Ausstellern interessiert sind und warten nicht bis zum nächsten April. Wir buchen gern für Sie ein virtuelles Meeting.

Folgende schwedische Unternehmen stellen in dem gemeinsamen Energiepavillon aus:

Cascade Drives develops next generation linear drives for heavy duty applications. Thanks to a proprietary load sharing mechanism, superior load/speed ratios are enabled. As if this wasn’t enough, Cascade Drives linear drives handles shock loading, opening up for hydraulic replacement applications.


BLIXT is the first and only to develop miniature, solid state circuit breakers for the residential sector, creating the spark for an entirely new shift in energy. Turning the conventional mechanical breakers into digital connected devices completely changes the game. With its strategic location they could represent one of the largest energy savings potentials and pave the way for clean energy.


Wood Tube has a patented technology for making paper studs, a strong and lightweight material that is both cost efficient and climate smart. The paper studs are used in the construction industry when building interior walls. Greenhouse gas emissions are reduced by 14 times compared to the metal studs normally used today for construction.


Smart Recycling is situated in the North of Sweden just below the Arctic circle. We provide a green innovative IoT system that measures the level of containers - bins for all types of materials and fluids, optimizes emptying with AI. That means CO2 and cost savings of 50% for the customer. 5500 sensors are installed and in operation in the Nordic market.


Skawen is an innovative Swedish company developing, producing and selling Central Air Handling Units with highly efficient energy recovery systems. The ventilation systems are suitable for use in public and industrial areas and for dehumidification of public/private indoor swimming pool halls. Focus is both on the new construction and the rebuilding markets. When ventilating buildings and facilities with Skawen ventilation units, the energy required for heating, cooling and electrical power is reduced.


Swedish Neutral specializes in providing power line protection with world leading performance for high voltage grids. Our mission is to help utilities meet the higher demands that are put on the reliability and safety of their high voltage grids. The Ground Fault Neutralizer power line protection system [GFN] brings down single phase to ground fault currents to truly safe levels – enabling utilities and industries to keep the power when things go wrong.


Smarteq yearly delivers products to customers in more than 40 countries, both through direct sales and distribution partners. Smarteq has proven expertise of having developed and delivered antennas for more than 50 years, whereof 30 years to the Automotive industry. Smarteq has a leading position of antennas for smart electricity meters and charging stations for electrical vehicles. With Electrification our competencies in Automotive, Energy and Smart Cities merge - in technologies such as V2X (Vehicle-to-Anything) and V2G (Vehicle-to-Grid).


CTEK is the global leader in battery care and management solutions, selling over a million chargers every year in over 70 countries. That’s why we’re bringing our decades of expertise and technological innovation to the Electric Vehicle (EV) sector. Thanks to our acquisition of Scandinavia's largest producer and developer of electric vehicle charging solutions, we can continue the mission – to develop and provide the safest electric car charging on the market.


dLab’s mission is to make the transition to a smart grid possible. By providing an adaptive, versatile and data driven software platform analysing various system signals and other critical information, a deeper understanding of the grid health and status is achieved. The platform enables operational excellence at all levels, from specific primary sub-stations to a complete grid overview. Serving as a decision-making tool, dLab’s customers can move from pure asset monitoring to detailed asset insight.


Established 1992 to offer high-quality, market adapted energy-saving lighting. In 2002, Lumine LED began development of its own LED products for the professional market. Lumine LED is one of the most innovative manufacturers of LED fixtures for industrial use. Lumine LED’s unique lighting technology is based on Swedish semiconductor technology.


Ferroamp develops, manufactures and sell innovative power electronics products that optimize energy utilization and power management for consumers, facility owners and new stakeholders such as energy service providers. The products are based on the Ferroamp power electronics platform with scalability, interoperability and smart grid communication as core design focus. Primary applications are renewable energy such as solar and wind, energy storage, EV charging and the integration of these into local "behind the meter" DC based micro grids.


The Meltron Road & Street Lighting System-MRSLS, provides superior lighting quality for road and street lighting on a global scale, by utilizing extremely precise and unique patented nano- structural Diffractive Optics (DO). The light is also designed for integration of surveillance camera and sensors to comply with any Smart City System.

The MRSLS provides ultimate safety to commuters and pedestrians on roadways. Strong, lightweight design, and advanced optics provide bright, uniform, and efficient lighting.


Elvaco provides open end-to-end solutions for utility metering, aiming to support our customers to develop their sustainable business. We are specialized in energy connectivity and infrastructure, from meters and sensors to cloud-based systems and services.

Our products and services are used for energy-efficiency, billing and statistics by thousands of companies around the world within district heating, water, real estate, electricity and gas industries.





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