Treffen Sie innovative schwedische Unternehmen im Bereich Smart Grids!

Sind Sie auf der Suche nach innovativen Lösungen im Bereich Smart Grids? Treffen Sie acht ausgewählte schwedische Smart-Grids-Unternehmen in unseren Webinaren am 4. und 5. Oktober!

Schweden gehört zu den Ländern, in denen die Energiewende am weitesten vorangeschritten ist und besonders im Bereich Smart Grids bieten schwedische Unternehmen Spitzenkompetenz.

Im Auftrag von Smart City Sweden unterstützt die Deutsch-Schwedische Handelskammer schwedische Smart-Grid-Unternehmen durch verschiedene Aktivitäten den deutschen Markt kennenzulernen und potentielle Kunden und Partner zu treffen.

Im Rahmen einer digitalen Veranstaltungsreihe haben Sie in zwei Webinaren die Möglichkeit spannende Smart Grid Projekte aus Schweden sowie folgende acht ausgewählte innovative Smart-Grid-Unternehmen aus den Bereichen intelligente Netztechnik, Energiespeicherung, Smart Home und Smart Meter sowie E-Mobilität und Ladeinfrastruktur zu treffen: dLaboratory, eliq, gomero, Rebase Energy, enequi, Tvinn, PiiGAB, ngenic.

4. Oktober, 10 Uhr

5. Oktober, 10 Uhr

10:00 Welcome and market insight

German-Swedish Chamber of Commerce and Smart City Sweden

10:00 Welcome and market insight

German-Swedish Chamber of Commerce and Smart City Sweden

10:05 Smart City Projects in Sweden: Integrating commercial buildings in cities energy systems

Johan Granström, ABB

10:05 The Fossil-free Energy Districts project - a unique local market place for electricity, district heating and cooling

Stina Rydberg, Johanneberg Science Park​​​

10:20 Eight pitches of our innovative Swedish Smart grid-companies

10:20 Eight pitches of our innovative Swedish Smart grid-companies

10:50 Discussion and open dialogue

10:50 Discussion and open dialogue

11:00 End of the webinar

11:00 End of the webinar

Anmeldung zum Webinar am 4. Oktober Anmeldung zum Webinar am 5. Oktober


Gerne buchen wir auch individuelle Gespräche mit den Unternehmen für Sie!

Erfahren Sie mehr über die schwedischen Unternehmen:


Rebase provides data and digital tools for energy companies and real-estate companies to plan an optimise distributed energy resources, including solar PV, batteries, electric vehicles and heat pumps. The users benefit from less time spent on data collection and pipelining and can instead focus on their core business and value proposition. Compared to existing solutions, all the prediction and optimisation algorithms are made available as open source for maximum flexibility and transparency.


Enequi is a developer and supplier of solutions for energy storage, electrical installation, metering and industrial automation. Enequi’s solutions are based on decades of industry experience and a commitment to putting property owners in charge of their energy supply for a trouble-free transition to the era of clean energy.


dLab’s mission is to make the transition to a smart grid possible. By providing an adaptive, versatile and data driven software platform analysing various system signals and other critical information, a deeper understanding of the grid health and status is achieved. The platform enables operational excellence at all levels, from specific primary sub-stations to a complete grid overview. Serving as a decision-making tool, dLab’s customers can move from pure asset monitoring to detailed asset insight.


Eliq is a Swedish SaaS company specialized in creating rich, engaging customer experiences around energy, and more revenue for the utility. Based on energy data analytics via smart and non-smart meters, as well as behavioural science, Eliq transforms the utility/customer relationship from a transactional one based around billing into a continuous, digital dialogue with personalised recommendation and upgrades of new energy services. The validates results for Eliq clients and their millions of endusers are; increased engagement, loyalty and revenue per utility customer.


PiiGAB's business concept is to develop and sell products for communication, data collection and traceability for use in industry, real estate and for energy producers.PiiGAB’s concept is to always offer open, independent, efficient products that are easy to use. The customer benefit is increased information level in order to optimize energy consumption safely in the customer's business.PiiGAB has a specialist knowledge within data communication specifically within different types of protocols such as M-Bus,  Modbus,  Bacnet etc,  as well as OPC and a great support organization.


Tvinn optimizes energy and power usage to match the current power needed with power available from the grid, locally produced energy, and an energy storage. Tvinn’s platform can then balance, prioritize and schedule the energy to charge vehicles, power a nearby house or even sell energy or power back to the grid. The system is a hybrid of a Smart Charging solution and an Energy Management System that can be used both by the facility owner and the transport operator or vehicle owner.


Gormero helps companies in the energy sector to improve sustainability by developing systems and services for predictive maintenance. With connected sensors, AI and data analysis predictive maintenance can be done with a higher degree of automation.


Ngenic is creating a platform for the smart home with a suite of digitalized energy services for consumers, property owners, and energy companies. Ngenic offers FairShare, which includes individual measurement and billing (AMR) for property owners. With FairShare, control and communication are made simple with a clear overview of properties. With Tune Highrise, residents receive increased comfort while saving energy



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