Christian Blenker and Kjell A Nordström

Photo: ARD/Bingo Rimér/Unsplash

Webinar: From Hyperglobal to Local? Future Thinker in Discussion with ARD's Correspondent

This year, the German-Swedish Chamber of Commerce turns 70. We celebrate with a series of talks with interesting German and Swedish guests giving their thoughts about the future - and you are cordially invited!

The first guest is future thinker Kjell A Nordström, an expert on multinational companies and the global market and one of Europe's most sought-after speakers. He will be talking to Christian Blenker, ARD correspondent for Scandinavia and the Baltic states, about a society in transition.

In some areas, such as digitalisation, we are taking huge steps forward. In others, we are moving backwards. What changes will be lasting and which will fade? And how shall  we take advantage of opportunities that arise? In his new book Corona Express, soon also  available in English, Nordström and co-author Per Schlingmann focus on those questions. How will factors like growing cities, the increased power of women and the pandemic  impact people, businesses and society?

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This webinar will be held in English. It is aimed at members of the Chamber of Commerce and is free of charge. Curious about our network? Click here for more information on membership (information in Swedish or German).


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