Packaging recycling in Germany, Sweden and Europe

We support companies to live up to all requirements involved with regard to packaging recycling in Europe.

Within the EU there are a number of specific requirements on how to recycle, construct and label packaging. Since 1997 the German-Swedish Chamber of Commerce offers advice for export companies with regard to the requirements in the EU packaging directive on correct labelling of packaging with symbols like the Green Dot or the recycling triangle.

We are an authorized service and license partner for European recycling organizations, both for consumer packaging and transport packaging and offer the following services:

  • Analysis of your producer responsibility and the involved costs in all 27 EU countries plus in 6 other European countries
  • Classification of packaging
  • Application for recycling contracts and declaration
  • Administration of packaging information in our own database
  • Registration at the German packaging register ”VE-Register”
  • Confirmation and certificates of proof
  • Advisory on the requirements of the CEN standards EN 13428-32


Johan Uhlin

Environmental reporting | Head of Department


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Eva Trulsson

Environmental reporting


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