Recycling of electrical and electronic devices (WEEE) in Germany, Sweden and Europe

We support companies to fulfill their responsibilities of taking back and recycling electrical and electronic devices (WEEE) in Germany, Sweden and Europe.

Our focus lies on how to simplify your administration and reporting and at the same time reduce your costs.

We offer the following services around labelling with symbols such as the ”crossed-out wheelie bin”, take back-programs and recycling:

  • Analysis of your producer responsibilities in all 28 EU countries
  • Classification of electronic devices
  • Registration in national registers
  • Application for recycling contracts and declarations
  • Securing financial warranties
  • Confirmation and certificates of proof

We offer a particularly convenient solution for the licensing of your electronic devices within your mail order and e-business.


Johan Uhlin

Environmental reporting | Head of Department


+46-40-30 49 46


Eva Trulsson

Environmental reporting


+46-40-30 49 45

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