Martin Kessler och Erik Thyselius

Photo: Rheinische Post/SvD/Tomas Oneborg

Webinar: Election in Germany: What impact will it have on Germany's role in the EU and globally?

This year, the German-Swedish Chamber of Commerce turns 70. We celebrate with a series of talks with interesting German and Swedish guests.

In this, the third jubilee webinar, we will talk about the upcoming federal election in Germany in September and what will happen after 16 years with Angela Merkel. What issues will determine the election campaign? What impact will the election results have on Germany's role in the EU and globally? To what extent will the digitalisation of the economy and society be influenced? Numerous political questions of fate, including the energy issue, are waiting to be resolved.

Dr Martin Kessler, Political Editor at the Rheinische Post, and Erik Thyselius, presenter at the Swedish Axess TV, will discuss how they look upon Germany after the election.

For whom
The webinar will be held in English. It is aimed at members of the Chamber of Commerce and is free of charge. Interested in our network? Click here for more information about becoming a member (information in Swedish or German) or contact Sara Ernvin.

8 Jun