Karsten Keller, Anna Storm, Martin Höhler, Sabina Jeschke

Photo: DB Schenker/TSHK/E.ON/Max Lautenschläger/Deutsche Bahn/Unsplash

Jubilee Webinar: These are the Most Important Topics for 2022

We have invited four business leaders from our German-Swedish network and the board of the German-Swedish Chamber of Commerce. With their expertise, they will provide insights into some of the most important topics for your company in 2022.

  • Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to transform our entire society. The technology can be used for everything from climate action to autonomous vehicles and vital healthcare innovations. But AI also raises many ethical questions such as who is responsible when something goes wrong.
  • Transports cause a large proportion of all greenhouse gas emissions. What improvements and changes can be expected within the transport sector?
  • Globalisation and digitalisation lead to increasing risks for companies and organisations. How important are cyber security and risk management for corporate competitiveness and success?
  • Electrification increases the demand for energy, which preferably should come from fossil-free and renewable sources. How can the supply of energy be guaranteed in the future and what do companies need to do to succeed with their own energy transition?

Welcome to this discussion with Sabina Jeschke, founder and CEO Arctic Brains AB (AI), Anna Storm, CEO Omegapoint Göteborg AB (cyber security), Martin Höhler, CEO E.ON Energidistribution AB (energy supply), and Karsten Keller, CFO Schenker Europe GmbH (transports). The talk is moderated by Valle Wigers, Regional Manager West Sweden, and Malin Johansson, Head of Communications at the German-Swedish Chamber of Commerce.

For whom
The webinar is aimed at our member companies and participation is free of charge. It will be held in English. Interested in becoming a member? Welcome to contact us or read more here in German or Swedish.

This year, the German-Swedish Chamber of Commerce turns 70. We celebrate with a series of talks with German and Swedish guests.


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