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Your business opportunity in Skåne

Be part of the automotive journey

“Sweden’s most southern region Skåne is not the Silicon Valley - it is much closer and the software engineers that work there understand the structure, processes and needs of big companies.” That is, in essence, why Skåne is an ideal location for automotive companies focusing on software development to cope with the actual challenges such as connectivity, automated driving, car sharing, software security etc. Thanks to an extensive history of big mobile companies like Ericsson and Sony Mobile in Skåne there are the needed software and IT-experts (full stack developers incl. UI/UX, Cloud, DevOps, Test/QA etc.) available. Some that are already profiting from the available competence are well established Volvo Cars, Bosch, Continental and uBlox, which set up software development centres in Lund, super car maker Koenigsegg, start-up Uniti in partnership with Siemens Industry Software and several smaller start-ups like Mapillary or Ximantis. Now, Skåne wants to offer more companies within automotive to make use of the skills and competency of the huge amount of software engineers available.

Skåne’s strength: highly educated people and world class research

Skåne’s strength in highly educated people - the city of Malmö, for example, has the largest concentration of highly educated people in northern Europe – is based on the proximity to major research institutions, like the Faculty of Engineering at Lund University, the Faculty of Technology and Society at Malmö, the Blekinge Institute of Technology and so on... Altogether there are 15 universities with 140 000 students with a strong focus on engineering, computer science, product development and design and media technology. Additionally, in Skåne there is established research on world class level with the European Spalliation Source (ESS) and MAX IV, the next-generation synchrotron radiation facility. Both contribute to a very positive and active research and innovation climate.

An extremely innovative breeding ground

This is internationally acknowledged: Sweden has been ranked the most innovative EU member state 2016 (European Innovation Scoreboard), the “best country for business 2016” (Forbes) or, as Jannik Henser, Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology IPT, says: “Sweden, in particular, has an outstanding innovative culture.” It is not by accident that Sweden is both home to well-established brands like Volvo, Electrolux and Ericsson and at the same time a heaven for tech start-ups like Skype (a swedish co-foundation), Spotify, SoundCloud and Bluetooth which emerged out of Ericsson. Skåne, thus, has always been a hub for innovation within Sweden and is today one of the world’s ten most innovative regions.In Malmö and Lund, there are four science parks and start up hubs (,,, to enhance innovation even more.

Low operating costs and good infrastructure

Two other good arguments for activities in Skåne are that operation costs in Sweden are quite low compared with the rest of Europe: the competitive corporate tax rate is 22%, there is no regional or local corporate tax rate, there is an R&D discount and interests are fully deductible for tax purposes. Another big plus for Skåne is the closeness to Copenhagen airport, the largest airport in the Nordics. Companies already operating in Skåne point to the closeness to Copenhagen Airport and proximity to end customers in both Sweden and Germany as beneficial to overall operations. Many foreign companies therefore choose to have their regional headquarter for the Nordics in the Skåne region that belongs to the highly ambitious Greater Copenhagen project.


Be part of the journey

Thus, Skåne’s offer to the automotive industry is highly educated people within engineering, software and IT, world class research concentrated in Malmö and Lund, a rich innovative climate, low operation costs, proximity to infrastructure and customers and already established players within the industry. Skåne, therefore, is the place to be for companies that are ready to overcome the major obstacles that the automotive industry faces: “It's a huge journey and its extremely exciting to be involved in that now. And that is just going to increase in the coming years," says Henrik Svensson, senior manager at Volvo Cars in Lund.

Be part of this journey and contact Dr. Verena Adamheit at the German-Swedish Chamber of Commerce,, +46 709 711 789 for more information about automotive in Skåne.

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